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Meet the Team

Meet the talented trio behind Tease Beauty, a dynamic team of three fabulous ladies dedicated to making your special day truly unforgettable.


Established in 2016 by Theresa, she takes charge as the Owner and Senior Stylist, overseeing scheduling, and administrative tasks, and ensuring seamless communication with you and your

coordinator. Theresa's dedicated teammates, Kaitlyn and Jericca, share her passion and

have become invaluable full-time members of the team.


Explore our stylist portfolios to find the perfect match for your vision!


June 2024 is fully booked and there's just one spot left for a May or July wedding.

Unveiling the Journey

From Childhood Braids to Bridal Beauty Mastery

Looking back on my childhood, I recall endlessly braiding my little sister's hair and experimenting with haircuts on my Barbie dolls. During high school, I was the junior known for making others feel beautiful on prom day, dedicating mere moments to myself before heading out. It was after graduating that my sister-in-law entrusted me with her wedding hairstyle, a pivotal moment that revealed my deep passion for enhancing others' beauty on their most cherished day.

Still one of my favorite styles to this day.jpg

Fast forward to today, and here I stand as a specialized hairstylist, focusing on blondes, and extensions, and creating exquisite bridal hairstyles. Who would have imagined that my dream job involves not just enhancing women's beauty on their wedding day but every single day? As the face of Tease Beauty Co., I am your direct point of contact, ready to guide you seamlessly through the booking process.

Our Goals for Your Special Day

Unveiling Your Perfect Bridal Look


On your special day, it's your right to radiate confidence and beauty. We specialize in transforming your dream into a reality, unveiling the most exquisite rendition of your true self. 


We consistently deliver exceptional service, being punctual, and creating a comfortable experience for the bride before, on, and after her special day.


We ensuring that your hairstyle not only looks stunning for the ceremony but withstands the demands of a long wedding day by using quality products and techniques.


We provide a range of styles that suit different tastes and wedding themes, from classic and elegant updos to trendy bohemian braids or romantic loose curls.

Image by Brooke Cagle

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